Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence



Anishinaabe Ik-We Mino-Aie-Win, Aboriginal Women's Health Issues: A Holistic Perspective on Wellness
K. Bent

Ethical Guidelines for Aboriginal Women's Health Research
Saskatoon Aboriginal Women's Health Research Committee

Living in Balance: Gender, Structural Inequalities, and Health Promoting Behaviors in Manitoba First Nation Communities
B. Elias, A. Leader, D. Sanderson and J. O’Neil

Living Well: Aboriginal Women, Cultural Identity and Wellness
A Manitoba Community Women's Project

A. Willson

Naspici Miyomahcihowin (Continuous Good Health), A Community-Based Research Project Examining the Health Needs of Aboriginal Women in Saskatoon
Saskatoon Aboriginal Women's Health Research Committee

Northwest Saskatchwan Métis Women's Health Research discussion paper for the Northwest Métis Women's Health Research Committee
L. McCallum-McLeod, K. Willson

Sexual Violence and Dislocation as Social Risk Factors Involved in the Acquisition of HIV Among Manitoba Women
I. McKeown, S. Reid, S. Turner and P. Orr

Sharing Our Stories On Promoting Health and Community Healing: An Aboriginal Women's Health Project
C. Deiter, L. Otway

Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence provided assistance with facilitation and support to communities and partners to understand the health and health issues of Aboriginal women. This process helped to provide space and time for Aboriginal women to identify research ideas that could contribute to Aboriginal women’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

PWHCE also explored appropriate research methods and helped to develop ethical guidelines. Further, we invested in learning and sharing new methods to develop women’s health research through a community-based process that drew upon the knowledge, skills and experience of local women.

Some of our work in this area...

The Legacy of Aboriginal Women's Research at PWHCE
Video project by S. Peters

Young and Aboriginal: Labour and Birth Experiences of Teen Mothers in Winnipeg
B. Downey, R. Stout

kiskinohamâtôtâpânâsk: Inter-generational Effects on Professional First Nations Women Whose Mothers are Residential School Survivors
R. Stout, S. Peters

KISKÂYITAMAWIN MIYO-MAMITONECIKAN. Urban Aboriginal Women and Mental Health
R. Stout

Digital Stories - Intergenerational Effects of Residential School

Aboriginal Women’s Employment in Non-Traditional and Resource Extractive Industries in Saskatchewan: An Exploration of the Issues
R. Stout

Aboriginal Women, Water and Health: Reflections from Eleven First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Grandmothers
K. Anderson

Aboriginal Women's Employment in Non-Traditional and Resource Extractive Industries in Northern Manitoba: An Exploration of the Issues
R. Stout and M. Seguin

Aboriginal Maternal And Infant Health In Canada:
Review Of On-Reserve Programming

R. Stout and R. Harp

Maternal And Infant Health And The Physical Environment Of First Nations And Inuit Communities:
A Summary Review

R. Stout, T. Dionne Stout and R. Harp

Young Aboriginal Mothers in Winnipeg
Lisa Murdock, M.A.

A Workshop with Kim Anderson and Maria Campbell held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A Winnipeg Workshop with Kim Anderson hosted by Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence, Aboriginal Self-Governance Program & Institute of Urban Studies

A Gathering for First Nations and Métis Women's Health in Northern Manitoba.

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