Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence


Program Areas

Women and Poverty
Working together to improve women's health by reducing women's poverty

Gender and Health Planning
Considering gender in health planning, programming and policy

Rural, Remote and Northern Women's Health
Including women in rural, remote and northern communities

Aboriginal Women's Health
Understanding the health, and health issues of Aboriginal women

Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence is one of the Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health supported by the Women's Health Contribution Program of Health Canada. The Centres are dedicated to improving the health status of Canadian women by supporting policy-oriented and community-based research and analysis on the social and other determinants of women’s health.

PWHCE’s goal is to improve the health of women in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in particular by making the health system and social systems more responsive to women’s and girls’ health and well being.

2010 PWHCE Annual Report 2011 PWHCE Annual Report
PWHCE 2010 Annual Report
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PWHCE 2011 Annual Report
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2012 PWHCE Annual Report
PWHCE 2012 Annual Report
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PWHCE's founding partners are:

Fédération provinciale des fransaskoises
Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre, U. of Sask
University of Regina
University of Manitoba
University of Winnipeg
Women's Health Clinic

In addition to these six partner organizations, PWHCE is supported by many organizations from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

PWHCE's Board members are:

Manitoba members

Darlene Beck
Karen Harlos
Fjola Hart-Wasekeesikaw
Judith Huebner
Freda Lepine
Paula Migliardi
Jann Ticknor

Saskatchewan members

Pat Faulconbridge
Judy Hughes
Noreen Johns
Marlene Larocque
Jocelyne Lavergne (Chair)
Jennifer Poudrier
Diane Rogers
Lil Sabiston

PWHCE's Program Staff members include:

Margaret Haworth-Brockman
Executive Director

Roberta Stout
Researcher - Aboriginal Women's Health

Harpa Isfeld
Senior Researcher

Yvonne Hanson
Researcher and Diversity Education Consultant

Sheryl Peters
Research Associate

Carla Simon
Director of Communications

Recent Research Associates

Health is more than just the absence of disease. PWHCE is committed to fostering a better understanding of what determines women's health by:

Currently, our focus is on the following priority areas:

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