Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence

  Working Together To Improve Women's Health By Reducing Women's Poverty

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Photovoice Projects:

Low Income Women Speak Out through PhotoVoice Projects in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina. See the world from their perspective.


Including Low-Income Women with Children: Program and Policy Directions. Research Report 2007
L. Scruby, R. Rapaport Beck

Women and Social Assistance Policy in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Women Need Safe, Stable, Affordable Housing: A study of social, private and co-op housing in Winnipeg



Women and Poverty was an important area of focus for Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence. We were mindful that it is critical to address women’s poverty because it affects so many facets of women’s lives and can keep women from reaching their full potential for physical and mental well-being. Accordingly, PWHCE worked in partnership with several community-based organizations and researchers who shared our goal of improving women’s health by reducing women’s poverty.

As you explore this archive, you will find relevant research related to food insecurity, housing, social policy, health and recreation, the built environment, social justice and income support, presenting policy alternatives to increase women’s economic security.

For example our Photovoice Projects engaged low income women to share their experiences and their ideas for change, allowing others to see the world through their eyes. See the photo projects and learn…

Collaborating with and in the community was instrumental in bringing the voices and experiences of low-income women to the attention of policy-makers and other community members. By working together, we helped to raise public awareness and broaden the base of support for progressive policy alternatives.

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