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Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) Training can be provided at your office or other convenient locations across Manitoba or Saskatchewan. A Prairie Women's Health staff member will initiate the process by exploring your needs and tailoring the training to make the most of your time and meet the individual needs of the participants.

Workshops of 12-15 participants are most effective. Choose from a 2 hour introduction, half day or full day (7 hour) hands-on workshop. Based on our groundbreaking GBA compendium, A Profile of Women's Health in Manitoba, we can choose a focus from the following discussion topics. Our customary fee is $3000.00 for each half day workshop.

Please select your areas of interest from our list of research topics and PWHCE will use those topics for discussion and hands-on learning.

Income, Living Conditions and Other Determinants of Women's Health
Health Behaviours and Lifestyle Determinants of Health
Aspects of Physical, Sexual and Mental Health
Use of Health Services and Program Planning

To book tailored GBA training, contact.

PWHCE Administrative Centre - Winnipeg
Diane Nicholson
Phone: (204) 982-6630